Treating the Healthy…What a Concept

The Chinese medical text written around 600 years ago known as the Nei Jing, expressed that treating the sick in ancient China was like going into battle before making the weapons.  The concept back then was more about treating the well to prevent disease, not treating the sick.  This is important, even though it’s an ancient concept.

Historically, one Chinese doctor would care for a village and that village would care for the doctor.  They would clothe him and feed him, or whatever was necessary to ensure the doctor was fit to help the people prevent illness.  The greatest doctor’s of the region, however, were chosen to be the Emperor’s private physician.  This was a blessing and a curse for the doctor.  It became a matter of life and death, because if the Emperor became ill the doctor would be executed.

We can see on the other hand, that Western medical doctors are rewarded for curing the sick.  Of course, if there is less sickness there is also not as much need for a “healthcare system”.  This would also mean that people would live even longer, be healthier and happier and more than likely, be saving a whole lot of money.

Western medicine tends to thrive on sickness and dramatic situations of saving lives.  It is nice to know there are competent doctors out there when there are emergencies;  nonetheless, health doesn’t have to be dramatized and there doesn’t have to be a medical hero.  I know, your thinking how boring it would be without shows like ER, House or better yet, Grey’s Anatomy.  Albeit, there is something to be said about preventative medicine.  It might mean, taking better care of yourself, watching what you eat, or getting regular acupuncture treatments and maybe an herbal formula to help with any imbalance.

Again, I know, giving up fast food, coffee, sugar or alcohol just sounds like a drag or totally impossible.  It’s change, and we just don’t like change.  It may even mean getting a job with less stress or exercising a few times a week.  But hold on!  Reality is… choices and values.  It doesn’t mean you throw in the towel, become a vegan, quit your job and become a yoga teacher.  It just means, that you have to re-evaluate the importance of your health.  Maybe start by doing things in moderation.  Do you know what is making you sick?  Do you care?  If you do, the answer is probably right in front of you.

Good health is the key to a longer, happier, less stressful and more eventful life.  So, the next time your monthly insurance payment, of hundreds of dollars, is quickly yanked from your account, and you are feeling like crud, and have no energy, consider the idea that preventative medicine may be what the doctor ordered.  This is about you caring for yourself.  Don’t leave it up to someone else.  Treat yourself well, you only have one body in this life, so find an acupuncture physician and start a preventive health care regime.  They will help you optimize your full potential of total well being.



2 thoughts on “Treating the Healthy…What a Concept

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